Cobra Libre Men’s Vibrator

Cobra LibreCobra Libre ($139)

The Cobra Libre is the most exciting new sex toy on the planet – the first true men’s vibrator!  Just slide your penis into the smooth interior of the sexy car shaped toy and then switch the powerful twin motor engines on.  Your penis will be buzzed into heights of ectascy that no conventional masturbation sleeve could hope to deliver.  Vibrators are no longer just for girls.  With the Cobra you can indulge yourself and give your penis a treat. Experience the ultimate in male masturbation with the Cobra Libre Vibrator!

Lovehoney O Force Powerful Male Vibrator

o-force-vibratorO Force Male Vibrator ($49)

A powerful new men’s vibrator from LoveHoney. The vibrator is the result of intensive research and intelligent design, producing an exciting and ergonomic toy for men that has 5 different vibration speeds that will have you quickly in masturbation heaven and ready to cum! Click the image/link to see a video of the vibrator in action!

Fetish Fantasy Head Teazer Vibrating Oral Sex Simulator

head-teazerFetish Fantasy Head Teazer ($42)

Hands-free pleasure in the form of this super-tight 7 function vibrating penis sleeve that fits oh so snugly over your penis shaft and head, and once on, will buzz your cock in just the way you want it to – from gentle to hard, from slow to fast.

A sucking sensation is created to go along with the vibration.  Definately one of the best men’s vibrators yet made.  Made from soft and stretcy material that really clings to your penis!

Penthouse Vibrating Pussy & Ass

penthouse-jenna-rosePenthouse Vibrating Pussy Ass ($65)

A realistic life size pussy and ass sex toy moulded on the not so private parts of Penthouse pornstar Jenna Rose…and it vibrates!

Slide into the luscious authentic and realistic lips of Jenna’s pussy, or explore her sweet inviting ass with your cock, and let the buzz of the bullet vibrator hidden under her skin send you into a different world of masturbation.

Vulcan Men’s Wet Vibrator Vagina

vulcan wetVulcan Vibrating Vagina ($16)

The cheapest men’s vibrator we’ve yet seen, and for the price, excellent quality.

A ribbed realistic Fleshlight style stroker with removable sleeve, with added multi-speed vibrations.

Easy to clean and easy to use.

Hand Solo Men’s VIbrator

handsolo  blackHand Solo Vibrator for Men ($31)

The Hand Solo is an exciting addition to the growing number of vibrators available for men only.  With a comfortable grip handle, just slide the masturbator up and down your penis as you feel the buzz of the toy’s bullet vibrator tingling it and sending you into ecstacy.

The Hand Solo is a unique men’s vibrator at a very cheap price – definately one to give a try!

PDX Vibrating Ring Masturbator

pdx squeezePDX Oral Squeeze Vibrating Masturbator ($31)

The PDX oro squeeze is a vibrating mastubrator that will give you the most sensationally tingly blowjob sensation you have ever experienced!

The concept is pretty simple as you’d expect for a toy this cheap (only $31).  A PDX pocket pussy masturbator, made from the excellently realistic and soft FantaFlesh material, is combined with a vibrating cock ring to produce a budget vibrating masturbator that is more effective than some at twice the price.

 The cock ring not only enhances the sensations produced by the ribbed FantaFlesh masturbator against your skin, but it will also increase your erection and delay ejaculation.  The vibrations of the ring on top of all that really does make for an intense masturbation experience.

Love Sleeve Vibrator for Men

Love SleeveLove Sleeve Vibrator for Men ($35)

A soft and comfortable PVC sleeve for men that has the extra thrill of a bullet vibrator contained within the sleeve.  You can place the vibrator anywhere along the length of the sleeve, as well as controlling the speed of the vibrations.

The PVC sleeve has dozens of little fingers running throughout its interior.  Combined with the vibrator, this is a masturbation toy sure to give your penis a unique and ecstasy filled workout!

Men’s Prostate Vibrators

Although the number of penis vibrators for men is still small, although growing, there are already a good selection of prostate and anal vibrators to choose from.

The prostate is the male ‘g-spot’ (or ‘p-spot’) – the are between the anus and the base of the penis and testicals.  It is an incredibly sensitive and erotic area and there have long existed sex toys for men that work on stimulating this area.  Prostate vibrators are the ultimate in this kind of male sex toy.