PDX Vibrating Ring Masturbator

pdx squeezePDX Oral Squeeze Vibrating Masturbator ($31)

The PDX oro squeeze is a vibrating mastubrator that will give you the most sensationally tingly blowjob sensation you have ever experienced!

The concept is pretty simple as you’d expect for a toy this cheap (only $31).  A PDX pocket pussy masturbator, made from the excellently realistic and soft FantaFlesh material, is combined with a vibrating cock ring to produce a budget vibrating masturbator that is more effective than some at twice the price.

 The cock ring not only enhances the sensations produced by the ribbed FantaFlesh masturbator against your skin, but it will also increase your erection and delay ejaculation.  The vibrations of the ring on top of all that really does make for an intense masturbation experience.

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